Thank you for downloading my free digital book, We Grow Cannabis! My goal in writing this free book is to work with cannabis growers worldwide to help promote simple techniques available today to grow more and better cannabis.

We Grow Cannabis is adapted from the unpublished manuscript of the Sixth Edition of Marijuana Horticulture, AKA the bible. This book gives you a glimpse into the new interactive Sixth Edition. This is just the beginning of easy fast access to the most informative and productive information for hobby and retail cannabis growers. Cannabis growers apply these techniques immediately to grow their own cannabis gardens.

We Grow Cannabis provides everything you need to know to start seeds and clones indoors and move them to a larger indoor grow room, greenhouse or outdoors.

Starting seeds indoors that grow into strong seedlings will help ensure your garden gets off to a healthy start. Growing seedlings and clones until they are 12-18 inches (30-45 cm) tall before transplanting into a greenhouse or an outdoor garden will give them a head start on the growing season.

Chapter one, Cannabis Botany, and chapter two, Cannabis Life Cycle, are easy to understand and will give you an essential base of knowledge before you start your cannabis garden. This background knowledge will save you hours of time and help guide you to a heavy harvest.

Selecting the perfect cannabis seeds for your garden needs will help ensure a successful garden. Germinating and growing cannabis seedlings requires skill and tender loving care. Chapter three, Cannabis Seeds and Seedlings will take you step-by-step through the process to ensure your success.

Setting up an indoor garden requires planning, time and a bit of money. Making a simple plan will save you both time and money. Chapters four, Plan Your Garden and five, Grow Room Setup will help you plan and organize each step of planning and setting up your garden. Proper planning and equipment setup is essential to ensure a successful cannabis garden.

Chapter six, 12-week Garden guides you through an indoor cannabis crop week-by-week. The simple breakdown of plant needs, including light, air, water, nutrients and soil is easy to follow. The schedule helps you anticipate possible problems and take preventive measures.

Post-harvest is covered in chapter seven, Harvest, Manicuring, Drying, Curing & Storage. Once harvested, cannabis flowers must be handled properly to retain potency during storage. Each stage of post-harvest processing is covered in detail to ensure your crop retains potency.

Unfortunately, cannabis gardens suffer the wrath of plagues and cultural problems. Chapter eight, Diseases, Pests & Problems shows you images of the most common diseases and pests as well as prevention and control measures.

Simple preemptive solutions help you avoid common cultural problems. Please read on and enjoy the pleasures of cultivating your own cannabis garden that will yield an endless supply of your favorite flowers.

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We plan to publish We Grow Cannabis in Spanish, German, Portuguese, French, Italian, Thai, and other languages in the future.


When I self-published Indoor Marijuana Horticulture in 1983, I had no clue that my work would have such a global impact on cannabis cultivators. Now, 40 years later, I’ve authored and published more than 50 books in eight (8) languages, innumerable cannabis cultivation articles in ten (10) languages, and hundreds of YouTube grow videos. I gave over a hundred personal talks at cannabis trade shows on four continents. I’m quite glad to report that this collection of cannabis cultivation information has inspired millions of cannabis growers all around the world. More information can be found at

I’m entering the fifth decade of helping cannabis growers produce more and better cannabis. But I’m just one person. I discovered that when I share the best cannabis cultivation information I can find with you and other growers, we all learn more and grow together.

Sharing information with you and other like-minded gardeners miraculously built a global network. This is the power of sharing. Our community’s organic growth is being supported by YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms. We are all united in our own community because of you.

I want to keep sharing and extending my legacy with you and all cannabis growers throughout the world. I intend to continue gathering and disseminating cannabis cultivation knowledge. I cannot accomplish it alone; I need your help, let’s grow together.

The first step in achieving our shared “Jorge’s Legacy” goal is to distribute this FREE book, We Grow Cannabis. More than 270 color graphics illustrate the 100-pages of text that is packed with detailed grow info. Please take the first step in participating in Jorge’s Legacy by signing up for my newsletter here:

In the future, we will release more interactive FREE digital cannabis cultivation books. We’d love to see photos of your garden and hear about your experiences. Sharing your cannabis cultivation experience and information benefits all growers.

To learn more about sharing your cultivation experiences, opinions, photographs, and information, please visit[email protected]

This is the start of a beautiful collaboration between us.

Thank you for joining Jorge’s Legacy Community!


Jorge Cervantes and the Seedsman crew hanging out in Barcelona during Spannabis 2019

The Internet made me stop doing things the old way – printing books and magazine articles on paper. Finally, I was able to wrap my brain around the concept of digital information. Now I realize that I can help more growers cultivate more and better cannabis. Seedsman was instrumental in this revelation. We decided to collaborate in order to provide (FREE) We Grow Cannabis to millions of growers around the world. This allows me to continue my heart-felt lifetime goal of “teaching the world to cultivate more and better cannabis.” My wildest fantasies are becoming a reality!

Seedsman is fantastic! Tom, the owner, and I have a long history. For many years, we have moved in the same circles of friends and associates. Tom and I started talking about the opportunities that decent WiFi connectivity to the internet provides around the world. We could see how greater internet access, combined with the global wave of cannabis legalization, brought new liberties. We developed a simple plan with our incredibly talented crews: supply good quality, well-organized, non-conflicting information to help growers globally cultivate more and better cannabis, and to distribute this information for FREE online. My role is to gather, collate, and organize cultivation information that is accurate and easy to use. Tom’s specialization is information distribution. We all profit from it. We Grow Cannabis is available for FREE on your smartphone, tablet, and laptop with a few clicks. All of your basic cannabis gardening knowledge is just a few clicks away!

Why choose Seedsman? For the past four decades, I’ve kept my finger on the pulse of cannabis cultivation knowledge. Many companies and individuals have come and gone. Seedsman has been in business for 20 years and is still expanding. I must say that Tom, like many of the Seedsman crew, is a friend. Aside from friendship, I appreciate and respect Tom and the Seedsman team for their innate honesty, ethics, innovation, and dominant position in the cannabis seed business. Their verification process for weeding out marginal seed breeders is exceptional. They stock seeds from the industry’s greatest breeders, and the supply is consistent. I am honored to be able to collaborate with my Seedsman colleagues.

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